What is an SDR?

Definition and explanation

An SDR or Sales Development Representative is a member of a sales team who focuses on finding and qualifying leads. Their main role is to identify potential customers by prospecting through email, phone, and social media. Once they have identified a lead, they will qualify them and then pass them on to an account executive. This allows the account executive to focus on closing deals rather than finding leads. SDRs are essential to the success of a sales team as they enable a company to scale its sales efforts.

Why it matters in sales

In the world of sales, there is an unstoppable force that drives businesses to achieve their goals. The Sales Development Representative, or SDR, is an integral part of this force. This team member is like a superhero, equipped with the ability to identify, create, and convert leads into loyal customers. The SDR is like the sidekick that a sales organization never knew they needed. Without them, the account executives would be lost in a sea of potential customers, unable to differentiate between good leads and bad leads. The SDR is the compass that guides a sales organization towards success, and without them, the sales team would be lost at sea.

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